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Neon Flex Lighting

Neon lights weren’t eco-friendly and they used to cost a lot for businesses to maintain. That wasn’t usually an issue for areas like Las Vegas and New York, but other cities trying to use traditional neon lights noticed quickly that they weren’t cheap to run. Flex lights are new to the LED lighting industry, but are helping businesses keep their signs shine bright for a fraction of the costs. New York, for example, has slowly made the switch to LED lights versus traditional neon lights to keep their ABC SuperSign going strong day or night. Flex LED lights can be used in signs, borders, and for accents. They come in a variety of colors and offer vivid, decorative applications without consuming as much energy. Also, their brightness rivals traditional neon lights, which is why more cities like Las Vegas, New York, and Tokyo are switching to them to keep their lights on without impacting the environment.

Affordable Technologies That Are Transforming Small Businesses

Technology is improving exponentially and small businesses are finding themselves deep in the midst of this change. It may be hard to keep up with the fast-paced technological world, however, a small business owner willing to utilize these advances will benefit from these new tools. Small-business-oriented technologies are allowing for a more convenient and cost-effective business model; as well as easy access to education on new tactics. 

With Technology Comes Convenience

Technology increases flexibility. With software options such as Sales Force, QuickBooks, Zen Desk and ToutApp, small business owners can manage their company at their own convenience. 

Technology offers small business owners the option to work remote. With a decreasing need for the traditional brick and mortar store front, small businesses are more frequently running online. Even collaborating and document sharing can be done entirely online through programs such as Drop Box or Google Share. This allows small business owners to work out of the comfort and convenience of their own home.

Technology Has Cost-Effective Benefits

As mentioned above, technology decreases the need for a physical store front; this allows small business owners to save significantly on office space. In addition, business owners are finding software programs to replace some of their employees and are outsourcing jobs on an as needed basis. Anyone from a technologist, web designer, or copywriter can be hired online through freelancing websites and will be paid based on the project. Cutting back on salary employees cuts costs significantly.

One huge advancement has been the development of The Cloud, which allows you to store all your files virtually at no cost. Not to mention, Software as a Service (SaaS) companies are creating an increasing amount of software to cut costs and increase business productivity.

Even reaching out to customers and advertising departments is easier with technology. Through the growing popularity of social media and freelance sites, small business owners are able to advertise their services at very low costs. Many social media sites, for example, allow businesses to display their work and services for consumers to see. 

Technology Changes the Face of Education
An increasing number of online schools and courses allow business owners to keep up. Taking the time and making the effort to stay abreast to efficacious technologies and advancements will pay off.

Running a business takes knowledge, and technology is the mediator. Individuals can seek specific training that is directly tailored to their needs at an affordable rate. In fact, some training is even free! Sources such as AcademicEarth, KhanAcademy, and offer free information on hundreds of topics. Not to mention the thousands of podcasts, blogs, and websites designed to help individuals run a business. With all of these options, small business owners have a wealth of information available to increase their potential. 

While the changing technological world may seem intimidating, keeping up with advancements can definitely have its benefits. Technology can provide a small business owner with the information they need to run a cost-effective and convenient business

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Gamers are More Active Now than Ever Before

DDoS attack

With 145 million gamers worldwide logging into their favorite online action games each day and in over five continents, you have a lot of players that rely on your site to be running, safe and ready to go. Gamers spend an average of 107 minutes per day in the United States playing their games, while Europe averages 97 minutes per day. A lot of online gamers rely on their games for relaxation at the end of a long day or for a little weekend fun, but if they log-in or visit a website and the game isn’t working, they will quickly find a new game or gaming provider to fulfill their needs.

Once a game’s website or an online gaming brand’s reputation is tarnished from a DDoS attack, its unlikely gamers will be willing to come back for more or purchase new games in the future -- even if a website recovers and fixes any previous attacks.
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